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Latest News    6th August, 2014
Phil Mattison R.I.P..... World Series Result.... International Golf Tournament.... 2014 Annual Dinner....

Rest in Peace

Phil Mattison, sometime country member, died peacefully early Saturday morning (2nd August 2014) in Ashford Pilgrims Hospice after a long fight against cancer.

Funeral details
Friday 15th August 2014
Mass at St Theresa Church Ashford 10.30 am, followed by cremation at Charing Crematorium.


The saddest news that could hit the Guild - the passing of our President, Jim Stripe, on 21st June, 2005.
Jim was cremated at Barham Crematorium on 30th June with 14 guild members in attendance. Afterwards, at the Plough and Harrow a Big Board game was held in his honour, with his grandson, also called James, leading the President's team to victory.

Jim Stripe


Dave Heap, former Chancellor of the Guild and arbiter of etiquette passed away on 14th May 2011.

Steve's Last hurrah

Wednesday, March 19th, The Mermaid, Bishopsbourne...

Steve and Jackie are leaving the Mermaid on 9th June, so for old times' sake, the match was held there. The match started evenly, but for most of the games, the Wednesday Boys plodded ahead - even after lunch. The final game looked like it might turn everything round, but the Pot Boys couldn't quite pull of the whitewash needed to draw the match. It was noted that the Wednesday Boys have now enlisted a man of the cloth - the Pot Boys will have to respond by getting both Father John and Chris to the next match.

The Pot Boys did have one consolation, Peter F won the high score whip with a hand of 24.

Thank you to Tony and John for organising it and to Steve and Jackie at The Mermaid for good service and good food.

Pot BoysWed Boys
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The series stands at 18 - 12 to the Pot Boys

2014 Annual Dinner

The thirtieth-first annual dinner was held on Friday 17th January 2014 at the White Horse, Bridge.

Alongside the traditional fare of soup, steak & kidney pudding, apple pie & cheese, there were lighter options on offer for starters and desserts.

16 Pot Boys sat down for dinner - It was good to see country members Father John, Andy Johnson and Paul Morris.

The Big Board game was won by the President's team.

Many thanks to Chris, Georgina and their staff for putting up with us and providing a great dinner.

Fourth International Golf Match

October 2013: Another success for the Potboys Golf Association.
Click here for the full report

Tony's Party

The Pot Boys Master Singers were in good voice for Tony's Party to render a special version of "When You're 64"

Click here to hear it (if you dare!)


People have been getting spam mail, apparently from this site. Well, it's not from here, the address has been faked. Just delete it as you would any other spam.

Underwater Cribbage

Yes, that's right! 4 intrepid pot boys - Dave, Viv, Peter M and Mark - led by Dave are going to play Cribbage in scuba gear at the bottom of the swimming pool in Shornecliffe.
We want to raise lots of money for charity (Macmillan cancer relief) doing this, so if any pot boys have ideas for sponsors or publicity, let's hear them. We'll be using special magnetic playing cards supplied by Spirit Games

-- First Practice--
The first underwater session was held in the swimming spool at Dover on 8th February and thanks to the expert training and guidance of Dave, none of us drowned.

-- Second Practice--
A second session in Dover resulted in an actual game being played, with Peter and Dave winning (just).

2003 World Tour

3 Countries in 3 days. Click here for the story.

The Guild meets every Friday night, at the Plough & Harrow in Bridge at 9pm

Annual subscription: 520, payable weekly.

How far will your 10 quid go? Click here to find out.

Defining Moments in the Guild's History

Friday 31st January 2014
Mark scores a 28 - 3 fives and a queen in his hand with a 5 turn. The same hand as Raj a year earlier and he too lost the game. Friday 2st August 2013
At our temporary home of the White Horse, FJ scores a 28 - 3 fives and a king in his hand with a 5 turn. The following hand, he scored 20. Despite these, he still lost (his partner was Frank). Groundhog Day, anyone?. Friday 1st March 2013
Raj scores a 28 - 3 fives and a queen in his hand with a 5 turn. The following hand, he scored 14. Despite these, he still lost (his partner's fault, of course). Friday 21st March 2012
Clive Medhurst scores another 28 - 3 fives and a 10 in his hand with a 5 turn. The following hand, he scored 20. His opponents resigned. World Series Match, 3rd February, 2010
With £24 at stake on a sweepstake for highest hand, Terry Wilmshurst gets a 28 in his very first game - Three 5's and a Queen in his hand, with a 5 turn. Friday 6th Nov 2009
Terry Wilmshurst, to partner Viv Pritchard:"Are we actually winning?." (They weren't) Friday 11th July 2008
Clive Medhurst (an accountant, would you believe?):"So that's 15-two, 15-four, four's eight plus the right Jack makes six" Friday 22nd February 2008
"Even I can't lose from here" Frank Whitten needing 16 to win in the last hand against 61 his opponents needed.... he lost Friday 1st December 2006
Franks says "Sorry" to his partner... Friday 2nd January 2009, he did it again! Friday 9th September 2006
Under new landlady, Gill, chips for "lunch", for the first time at the Plough in 15 years. Annual Dinner, 9th January, 2004
Clive Medhurst scores a 28 on a single hand. Holding three fives and the Jack of Spades in his hand, a five of clubs turned up, providing Clive with a perfect hand, but with the wrong Jack!

Friday 14th March 2003
Atkins and Fairweather win every game. Weekend of 8th June 2002
Atkins agrees with Walder six times.

For further information about our Cribbage guild, please contact: Mark Esdale

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After 10 years in exile, the Guild has returned to the Plough & Harrow in Bridge.

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